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Journal Papers
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Phytoremediation effect and growth responses of Cynodon spp. and Agropyron desertorum in a petroleum-contaminated soil. Winter 2017
Soil water repellency changes with depth and relationship to physical properties within wettable and repellent soil profiles. March 2017
Modeling of relationships between traffic parameters and vehicular lead and cadmium distribution in urban roadside soils April 2017
Regional-scale fluxes of zinc, copper, and nickel into and out of the agricultural soils of the Kermanshah province in western Iran. April 2016
Modeling of zinc accumulation rate and its uncertainty in agricultural soils of Kermanshah. (In Persian) August 2016
Opposite effects of two organic wastes on the physical quality of an agricultural soil February 2016
Phytoavailability of lead (Pb) for corn and sunflower as affected by Pb-enriched sewage sludge and cow manure October 2016
Subcritical soil hydrophobicity in the presence of native and exotic arbuscular mycorrhizal species at different soil salinity levels. March 2016
Risk assessment of heavy metals in soils and major food crops in the province of Hamadan. (In Persian) Winter 2016
Spatial distribution of total cadmium and total plumb in surface soils of the southwest Isfahan. (In Persian) Fall 2016
Residual effects of biosolids and farm manure on speciation and plant uptake of heavy metals in a calcareous soil. June 2016
Effect of sewage sludge and its biochar on chemical properties of two calcareous soils and maize shoot yield February 2016
Neotyphodium endophyte changes phytoextraction of zinc in Festuca arundinacea and Lolium perenne. May 2015
Effect of pyrolysis temperature on chemical and physical properties of sewage sludge biochar. March 2015
Agronomic and economic efficiency of ground tire rubber and rubber ash used as zinc (Zn) fertilizer sources for wheat. Fall 2015
Preparation, characterization and sodium sorption of capability of rice husk carbonaceous adsorbents. January 2015
Effect of pyrolysis temperature on chemical properties of sugarcane bagasse and pistachio residues biochar. (In Persian) Fall 2015
Health risks from heavy metals via consumption of cereals and vegetables in Isfahan province, Iran. Fall 2015
The effect of preceding crop on wheat grain zinc concentration and its relationship to total amino acids and dissolved organic carbon in rhizosphere soil solution. February 2014
Potential of natural clay deposits to prevent cadmium uptake by canola. (In persian) Spring 2014
The potential risk assessment of heavy metals on human health in some agricultural products in Isfahan province. (In persian) Spring 2014
Green manure addition to soil increases grain zinc concentration in bread wheat. Summer 2014
Effect of preceding crops and their residues on availability of zinc in a calcareous Zn-deficient soil. October 2014
Wheat plants invest more in mycorrhizae and receive more benefits from them under adverse than favorable soil conditions. December 2014
Effect of incorporation of crops residue into soil on some chemical properties of soil and bioavailability of copper in soil. November 2014
Zinc fractions in soil and uptake by wheat as affected by different preceding crops. October 2014
Zinc-amino acid complexes are more stable than free amino acids in saline and washed soils August 2013
Cumulative and residual effect of sewage sludge on inorganic P fractions and P availability in a calcareous soil. (In persian) Summer 2013
Nitrate leaching from a potato field using adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system November 2013
Effect of low-molecular-weight carboxylic acids and selected synthetic chelates on zinc uptake and translocation in two wheat genotypes with different zinc-efficiency. (In persian) Fall 2013
The effectiveness of foliar applications of synthesized zinc-amino acid chelates in comparison with zinc sulfate to increase yield and grain nutritional quality of wheat February 2013
Ion-exchange process for nitrate removal and release using surfactant modified zeolite. (In persian) Spring 2013
Evaluation of lead concentrations in soil and seed of wheat farms and the influence of some soil characteristics on it (A case study: Khuzestan province). (In persian) Fall 2013
Sensitivity analysis, calibration and validation of EUROSEM model for prediction of runoff in the south Karoun watershed. (In persian) Winter 2013
Sorption and desorption of zinc by clinoptilolite and cinoptilolite-tridymite. December 2013
Mapping of human health risks arising from soil nickel and mercury contamination. January 2013
Status and modeling of Zn in wheat grain in relation to agroecosystem parameters of some arid and semi arid regions. (In persian) Summer 2013
Modeling of nitrate leaching from a potato field using HYDRUS-2D. Winter 2013
Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical and experimental investigations of zinc(II)-amino acid complexes as ecofriendly plant growth promoters and highly bioavailable sources of zinc June 2013
Effects of preceding crop residues on total and bio-available zinc concentration and phytic acid concentration in wheat grain. (In persian) Summer 2013
Transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a calcareous wetland soil. February 2013
Combined effect of zinc and cadmium levels on root antioxidative responses in three different zinc‐efficient wheat genotypes. August 2012
Status of zinc and cadmium in paddy soils and rice in Isfahan, Fars and Khuzestan provinces and their effect on food security (In persian) Summer 2012
Health risks of metals in soil, water, and major food crops in Hamedan province, Iran. May 2012
Nitrate leaching from a potato field using fuzzy inferences system combined with genetic algorithm. May 2012
Concentration zoning of chromium, cobalt and nickel in the soils of three sub-basin of the Hamadan province using GIS technology and the geostatistics. (In persian) Winter 2012
Soil shear strength prediction using intelligent systems: artificial neural networks and an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system April 2012
Concentration zoning of chromium, cobalt and nickel in the soils of three sub-basin of the Hamadan province using GIS technology and the geostatistics. (In persian) Winter 2012
Mineral and ascorbic acid concentrations of greenhouse-and field-grown vegetables: Implications for human health. January 2012
Influence of nickel nutrition and nitrogen source on growth and yield of lettuce in hydroponic culture. (In persian) Spring 2012
Modeling zinc accumulation rate and its uncertainty in agricultural soils of some arid and semi arid regions of Iran. (In persian) Fall 2012
Composted municipal waste effect on chosen properties of calcareous soil February 2012
Effects of inorganic and organic fractions of enriched cow manure and sewage sludge on distribution of lead chemical fractionation in soil. (In persian) Summer 2012
Estimation surface soil shear strength by pedo-transfer functions and soil spatial prediction functions. (In persian) April 2011
Effect of pistachio waste on some soil physical characteristics and compactability of two soil types. (In persian) Spring 2011
Cadmium phytoextraction efficiency by Sorghum bicolor and Helianthus annuus. January 2011
Relationships between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metals in urban topsoils in the arid region of Isfahan, central Iran May 2011
Nutritional status of greenhouse cucumber and bell pepper in Isfahan province. (In persian) Winter 2011
Effect of polyacryl sewage sludge, municipal compost and cow manure on soil properties and maize yield. (In persian) Winter 2011
Estimation of nitrate concentration using fuzzy regression method and support vector machines January 2011
Health risk assessment of fluoride exposure in soil, plants, and water at Isfahan, Iran. April 2011
Spatial variability of fluoride in groundwater and soils in some areas of Arak plain. (In persian) December 2011
Effects of animal manure, sewage sludge, and cadmium chloride on cadmium uptake of corn shoots. (In persian) Winter 2011
Sorption of lead on Iranian bentonite and zeolite: Kinetics and isotherms February 2011
Phytoremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons sewage sludge in Isfahan refinery. (In persian) Summer 2011
The role of organic and inorganic factions of cow manure and biosolids on lead sorption March 2011
Effect of nickel nutrition on yield, urea accumulation and urease enzyme activity of lettuce. (In persian) Spring 2011
Effects of sewage sludge, compost and cow manure on availability of soil Fe and Zn and their uptake by corn, alfalfa and tagetes flower. (In persian) Summer 2011
Ion-exchange process for ammonium removal and release using natural Iranian zeolite February 2011
Nickel supplementation effect on the growth, urease activity and urea and nitrate concentrations in lettuce supplied with different nitrogen sources September 2011
Effects of sewage sludge, animal manure, compost and cadmium chloride on cadmium accumulation in corn and alfalfa October 2010
Effect of sewage sludge, compost and cow manure on growth and yield and Fe, Zn, Mn and Ni uptake in tagetes flower. (In persian) Summer 2010
Effect of sewage sludge on mercury accumulation in soil and corn January 2010
Spatial variability of arsenic under different land use in Isfahan region. (In persian) Winter 2010
Transport of zinc, copper, and lead in a sewage sludge amended calcareous soil June 2010
Effects of biosolids application on temporal variations in soil physical and unsaturated hydraulic properties October 2010
Micronutrient-efficient genotypes for crop yield and nutritional quality in sustainable agriculture. A review March 2010
Cumulative effects of sewage sludge on soil physical and chemical characteristics. (In persian) Summer 2010
Comparison of natural humic substances and synthetic EDTA and NTA as washing agents of a heavy metal polluted soil May 2010
Sorption hysteresis in the of Cd (II) and Pb (II) on natural zeolite and bentonite September 2010
Application of SWAT model to investigate nitrate leaching in Hamadan-Bahar watershed, Iran. December 2010
Efficiency of garnet mineral used in three-layer filters to remove turbidity and biological organisms in Isfahan water treatment plant. (In persian) Winter 2010
Mobility and plant-availability of Cd (II) and Pb (II) adsorbed in zeolite and bentonite April 2010
Estimation of blue water and green water using SWAT model in Hamadan-Bahar watershed. (In persian) Fall 2010
Effect of endophytic fungi on cadmium tolerance and bioaccumulation by Festuca arundinacea and Festuca pratensis April 2010
Kinetic and isothermal studies of cadmium sorption onto bentonite and zeolite Summer 2010
Effect of desferrioxamine-B (DFO-B) siderophore on lead (Pb) sorption by montmorillonite. (In persian) July 2010
Micronutrient status of calcareous paddy soils and rice products: implication for human health April 2010
Effect of sewage sludge on mercury concentration in soil and corn. (In persian) Summer 2010
Use of EDTA and EDDS for enhanced zeamays' phytoextraction of heavy metals from a contaminated soil July 2010
Phytoremediation of an aged petroleum contaminated soil using endophyte infected and non-infected grasses November 2010
Effect of antimony, phosphorous and salinity on growth, root membrane permeability and root antimony, iron and zinc concentration of corn in hydroponic media. (In persian) Summer 2010
Transport of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in a calcareous soil under wheat and safflower cultivation- A column study January 2010
Impact of tillage systems and farmyard manure on soil penetration resistance under corn cropping. (In persian) Spring 2010
Crop effects on lead fractionation in a soil treated with lead organic and inorganic sources July 2010
Effect of Sewage Sludge on Soil Salinity Profile. (In persian) Winter 2009
Health risks of heavy metals through consumption of greenhouse vegetables grown in central Iran December 2009
Effect of tillage systems and organic manure on root morphology of corn. (In persian) Spring 2009
Effects of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn contamination on metal accumulation by safflower and wheat January 2009
Cumulative and residual effects of organic amendments on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium concentrations in soil and wheat. (In persian) Winter 2009
Effect of tillage systems and organic manure on bromide leaching under corn cropping. (In persian) Winter 2009
Heavy metal uptake by wheat from a sewage sludge-amended calcareous soil January 2009
Cumulative and residual effects of sewage sludge on zinc and copper concentration in soil and wheat. (In persian) Winter 2009
Relationships between fruit mineral nutrients concentrations and some fruit quality attributes in greenhouse cucumber November 2009
Bioaccumulation of nickel and lead by bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) from two contaminated soils Summer 2009
Application of SWAT 2000 model for estimating runoff and sediment in Beheshtabad watershed, a sub-basin of northern Karun. (In persian) Winter 2009
Grain zinc, iron, and copper concentrations of wheat grown in central Iran and their relationships with soil and climate variables November 2009
Assessment of food products and virtual water trade as related to available water resources in Iran. (In persian) Winter 2009
Estimation of surface shear strength in Zagros region of Iran - A comparison of artificial neural networks and multiple-linear regression models October 2009
Effect of sewage sludge on accumulation and transport of Cd , Zn, Cu and Pb. (In persian) Winter 2008
Statistical modeling of global geogenic fluoride contamination in groundwaters April 2008
Remediation of petroleum contaminated soils around the Tehran oil refinery using phytostimulation method. (In persian) Winter 2008
Simulation of bromide leaching in a silty clay loam soil under different tillage. (In persian) Fall 2008
Responses of selected plants to petroleum contamination in soils around the Tehran oil refinery. (In persian) Summer 2008
Nitrogen mineralization potential in a calcareous soil treated with two organic fertilizer. (In persian) Winter 2008
Germination and growth of selected plants in a petroleum contaminated calcareous soil October 2008
Cd, Cr and Co motion in soil treated with sewage sludge and salts of the metals and their uptake by vegetable crops: A case study in east Isfahan. (In persian) Summer 2008
Application of a SWAT model for estimating runoff and sediment in two mountainous basins in central Iran October 2008
Forms of Pb, Ni and Cd in a sewage sludge - treated calcareous soil. (In persian) Spring 2007
Modeling cadmium and lead balances in agricultural lands of Isfahan region, central Iran. (In persian) Winter 2007
Lead and cadmium pollution in urban roadside soil. (In persian) Winter 2007
The effect of municipal waste compost on chemical forms of zinc and copper in typic calciargid soil. (In persian) Winter 2007
Cumulative and residual effects of sewage sludge on lead and cadmium concentration in soil and wheat. (In persian) Spring 2007
Effect of safflower and Cu, Cd, Zn and Pb application on the mobility of these four metals in a calcareous soil. (In persian) Spring 2007
Nitrate concentration in groundwater in the Zayanderoud River basin. (In persian) September 2006
Investigation of the effective parameters on the cyanide fate in soil. (In persian) Spring 2006
Effect of treated wastewater on soil chemical and physical properties in an arid region August 2006
Soil physical properties and bromide movement in relation to tillage system December 2006
Extractability and plant uptake of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd from a sludge-amended haplargid in Central Iran December 2006
Effect of industrial sewage-sludge and effluents application on concentration of some elements and dry matter yield of wheat, barley and corn. (In persian) Fall 2006
Cadmium, copper, lead and zinc mobility in calcareous soil under wheat cultivation Winter 2005
Neural network models to predict cation exchange capacity in arid regions of Iran Winter 2005
Cumulative and residual effects of organic matter on infiltration rate of a clay loam soil in Isfahan. (In persian) Winter 2005
Mapping risk of cadmium and lead contamination to human health in soils of Central Iran Winter 2005
Effect of sewage sludge on some macronutrients concentration and soil chemical properties. (In persian) Winter 2005
Effect of manure on hydraulic characteristics and bromide movement in a sandy loam soil of Kerman. (In persian) Winter 2005
Variability of available cadmium in relation to soil properties and land use in an arid region in central Iran Winter 2005
Effect of sewage sludge on nitrification rate and corn nitrogen uptake. (In persian) Winter 2005
Effect of cumulative residual sewage sludge on aggregate stability, bulk density, and infiltration rate. (In persian) Winter 2005
Continuous soil pollution mapping using fuzzy logic and spatial interpolation Winter 2005
Effect of sewage sludge on nitrification rate and corn N uptake. (In persian) Winter 2005
Estimation of field capacity and wilting point from basic soil physical and chemical properties Winter 2005
Modeling field-scale cadmium transport below the root zone of a sewage sludge amended soil in arid region in central Iran Winter 2005
A simple and rapid method to evaluate potentially mineralizable nitrogen in sewage sludge amended calcareous soils. (In persian) Winter 2005
Nitrate concentration in groundwater in Isfahan province. (In persian) Winter 2004
Bromide transport in soils under different cultivated crops. (In persian) Winter 2003
Effect of sewage sludge on soil physical properties. (In persian) Winter 2003
Effects of sewage sludge and soil pH on micronutrient and heavy metal availability. (In persian) Winter 2003
Effects of farmyard manure and tillage systems on soil physical properties and corn yield in central Iran Winter 2002
Manganese distribution and patterns of soil wetting and depletion in a piedmont hillslope Winter 2002
Impact of tillage system on soil physical properties and bromide leaching. (In persian) Winter 2001
Effect of organic matter on soil chemical properties and corn yield and elemental uptake. (In persian) Winter 2001
Compactibility of Lavark soil as affected by soil moisture content and farm yard manure. (In persian) Winter 2000
Soil compatibility as affected by soil moisture content and farmyard manure in central Iran Winter 2000
Mulch and tillage effects on infiltration rates of saline and leached clay soil Winter 2000
Estimation of field capacity and permanent wilting point from some soil physical and chemical properties. (In persian) Winter 2000
Effect of sewage sludge on yield and heavy metal uptake of lettuce and spinach. (In persian) Winter 1998
Runoff of two sulfonylurea herbicides in relation to tillage system and rainfall intensity. Winter 1997
Lateral and vertical bromide ion transport in a Piedmont landscape Winter 1994
Effect of landscape potion on soil water and corn silage yield Winter 1993

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